Short collections, often hand made, designed for an intimate economy.

Aerial Chapbookfrom Aerial Concave Without Cloud (2015)
Published by Marthe Reed with Nous-Zot Press based in Syracuse, New York.
Limited edition, out of print


BelladonnaJuliette and the Boys (2014)
Published by Belladonna* in New York city as part of their chaplets series. You can download the entire text here.
Review by Marthe Reed for the Volta


No Comet, That Serpent in the Sky Means Noise (2013)
This chapbook appeared in the Black Warrior Review, published by the University of Alabama.


A Primary Mother (2012)
Published by Least Weasel Press based in Northampton, MA.
Review by Joshua Ware for Vouched Books

Mental Commitment Robots (2007)
Published by Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs based in Brooklyn, New York in a limited edition of 150 copies in pink and blue.
Review by Karen An-Hwei Lee for Galatea Resurrects

Perfect Villagers (2006)
Published by Octopus Books as part of an omnibus of 8 chapbooks, back when the press was based in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Review by Randy Marshall for Blackbird (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Review by Jessica Bozek for CutBank Reviews
Review by Nate Slawson for Luna: A Journal of Poetry and Translation


Trespass Slightly
Published by Coconut Press (now defunct) based in Atlanta, Georgia