Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

Questions, challenges, and new developments in the field

Self Portrait in an Academic Poetry Industrial Complex Mirror (2019)
for the Poetry Foundation

A Poetics of Light for the Poetry Foundation (2017)
1: A Poetics of Light
2: Light is a Complex Medium discussing Michele Kishita’s paintings
3: Imaginations of Light discussing Gaston Bachelard
4: Absent Light, Resilience discussing Joshua Ware’s work

Shock and Blah: On Offensive Conceptual Poetry (2014)
for Evening Will Come, issue 41 May
I discuss Sianne Ngai’s stuplime and observe some problems related to offensive material and documentary writing tactics.

On Speculative Poetry: a future ((tense)) // yet // else (2013)
for at Evening Will Come, issue 27 March

Commentaries for Jacket 2 on the Poetic Production of Time (2014)
1: Time Text Body Noise discussing Truong Tran
2: Erasing the Third Dimension discussing Tan Lin

3: Into Motions and Relations discussing Myung Mi Kim
4: The Present is Fleet and We Never Have It Anyway discussing Lawrence Giffin

Diaspora Poetics

So Say It (2018)
for eohippus labs based in Los Angeles
Part of their Annex Series, collection 2 on Inherited Trauma. Edited by Janice Lee, with essays by Chiwan Choi, Saehee Cho, and Don Mee Choi. Out of print.
You can read my text here.

한 :: Concept : Spirit : Break (2016)
for Jacket2 hosted at the University of Pennsylvania for a special series, Conceptual writing (plural and global) and other cultural productions, edited by Divya Victor. 

Scholarly Author Studies, Statements on Teaching

The Seamless World: On Mei Mei Berssenbrugge’s Poetry (2015)
for Nests and Strangers: On Asian American Women Poets, edited with an introduction by Timothy Yu, afterward by Mg Roberts (Kelsey Street Press, CA)

Teaching Asian American Women’s Poetry: Subjectivity and the Politics of Language (2010)
for Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook, edited by Joshua Marie Wilkinson (University of Iowa Press, IA)

shaped like relation suggested like progress (2008)
for Building is a Process / Light is an Element: essays and excursions for Myung Mi Kim, edited by Michael Cross and Andrew Rippeon (SUNY Buffalo, NY)