Some essays from Entropy

Entropy has sadly shut down this last year. I mourn it, but understand that it was time for it to end. I’m immensely grateful to Janice Lee for the community and space she made through that publication, to all the editors who were contributing and giving themselves to it.

I had written a few things for them over the years… there are two that I’d like to still share. A short essay on my miscarriage, and in 2020 CA Conrad had asked me to write a piece on death.

Sitka, Alaska: January 11th, 2023

I’ll be sharing some poetry and video art at the library in Sitka in a few weeks. I’m especially excited about this reading because I’ll be sharing poems about winter light in the far north with people who are intimate with this type of light; I’m eager for the conversation and what they have to say about their experiences in that landscape–what those elements have said into them.

Portland State University April 21, 2022

I’m excited to share that I’ll be reading from my new book, Aerial Concave Without Cloud, at Portland State this spring! I’ll have more details once they make the event public, but it also means I’ll be spending that full week in Portland to work and catch up with friends before the event.

Belladonna Reading is on Youtube

I had the chance to read with Ella Longpre and Vi Ki Nhao for Belladonna’s Close Distances reading series. This event was hosted by Zoe Tuck and Meka’Ayo Coleman back on November 24, 2021. I wasn’t great about posting about it in advance since I was managing a lot at my day job, but I’m glad to be able to share the archived video of the reading. ❤

Celebrating Earth Day in Denver

I had the chance to share some poetry in honor of Earth Day and National Poetry month with several other BIPOC writers for the Denver Public Library. The event featured Suzi Q Smith, Franklin Cruz, Sheree Brown, and myself.

I read some speculative poems from Solar Maximum, a work in progress, a longer piece in series titled “The Incident” that is forthcoming with my new book from Nightboat, and a short poem on grief and landscape that I published with the Poetry Foundation as a little mini podcast episode. That poem is called “After Noise.”

This may be one of my most favorite readings I’ve participated in. Truly a pleasure, and so satisfying to hear everyone. Check out the recording on YouTube.

2021 Juniper Literary Festival

I’m very excited to be joining an alumni panel to present and be in dialogue together at this year’s Juniper Festival, March 12-13 2021. . The theme is The World and The Word: Literature of the Ecological Crisis.

The entire event looks amazing! I’ll be participating Saturday night.

Saturday, March 13: Alumni Reading and Conversation, 8pm EST | Register Now

Readings & conversation with renowned alumni Sueyeun Juliette Lee (MFA ’06), Travis Nichols (MFA ’04), Jason Schwartz (MFA ’06), and Leni Zumas (MFA ’04). Molly Dorozenski (MFA ’04) will moderate a conversation following the reading. Madden Aleia (MFA ’23), Colin Drohan (MFA ’22), Jane Feinsod (MFA ’23), and Mary Kate Scraggs (MFA ’21) will introduce our readers.