New fiction by me, and I also review Pamela Lu and Tan Lin’s latest books from Kenning Editions

Hi friends!

I’m very excited about these two announcements. My latest review is up, of two writers working in prose forms who’ve interested me for a long while: Tan Lin and Pamela Lu. Their newest books, from Kenning Editions, are great. Go run out and read them.

Also, Fortunato Salazar over at Everyday Genius has just posted some of my latest fiction-y work. Run over and check it out!

I’ve joined the Constant Critic team!

Though I’m a scholar, I’ve pretty much steered clear of writing poetry reviews in the past. I think it’s because I had some half-baked/foggy notion that I should channel my creative efforts into my poetry and my scholastic efforts into my studies. If you’re familiar with my work and poetic interests, though, you can see how this divide quickly disintegrated. Living is breathing is moving is all.

This is to say that I’ve joined Constant Critic, a Fence publication, as one of their circle of reviewers. I’ll be posting poetry reviews on a regular basis over at their site and through their email lists. For those of you who want to subscribe–it’s free! I am joining a pretty impressive group — Karla Kelsey, Vanessa Place, Jordan Davis, and Raymond McDaniel. Former CCers include Joyelle Mcsweeney, Christina Mengert, K. Silem Mohammad, and Christine Hume.

Keep your eyes pealed for an update in a few weeks when the review comes out!

Also, if you’d like your book possibly reviewed or want to suggest some titles for consideration, shoot me an email. You can send it via