new issue of boundary2 on race and social difference


I’m really honored to be included in this excellent boundary2 collection interrogating race and social difference, edited by Dawn Lundy Martin. This cohort of writers/thinkers has radically shaped my own sense of poetics. My work in this collection examines the psychological effect of globalized geopolitics: I write through the annual spring “Joint Military Exercises” held by South Korea and the US Government in which they “pretend” to siege North Korea. The journal is behind a paywall, but you can order print copies if you don’t have scholarly access. Click on the image to go to Duke University’s (the publisher) website for the journal. 

Other contributors include Douglas Kearney, Ronaldo Wilson, Claudia Rankine, Beth Loffreda, Cathy Hong, Bhanu Jacasta Kapil, Tonya M. Foster, Shane McRae, Hoa Nguyen, John Keene, Evie Shockley, Daniel Borzutzky,Vanessa Place, Fred Moten, Lauren Russell, Farid Matuk, Daniel Tiffany,Duriel Estelle Harris, Prageeta Sharma, Jayson Smith, Simone White, Lucas de Lima, Tyrone Williams, Erica Hunt, Zhihui Ang, Lindsay Waters, Eli Friedlander, and Joseph Massad.

Lastly, just wanted to note that the cover image was created by Ronaldo Wilson!


I’m incredibly excited about this. Dawn and I had been having these on/off conversations last fall about starting a series here in Pittsburgh, and it’s finally happening!

We’ve titled the series POETRY ((PRO) (FANA)) and our first event is tomorrow, Sunday the 12th, over in Lawrenceville. Brenda Iijima from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs will be sharing her work along with Sha LaBare, a post-doctoral fellow over at Carnegie Mellon’s Humanities Center. The conversation will twirl around ecologies, environments, language, and sentience. I’m SO THRILLED. If you want to learn more about it, run over to the new blog for the series: