Interview with Sun Yung Shin for This Spectral Evidence

I’ve been walking through something.

It has been brightly lit. I see and see fully.

With all this brightness descending into me, I haven’t had much ability to focus on other things.

I wanted to highlight, though, that an interview correspondence between me and sister poet Sun Yung Shin is up. THIS SPECTRAL EVIDENCE is an online journal that is slowly, carefully curating together conversations around poetry and its possibilities.

I am quite frank and forthcoming in this interview. We began our dialog just as I began moving through some big swells in my life. They’ve brought me into a new openness. Hopefully a generous one.

Underground National is available!

Factory School is pleased to announce the publication of Heretical Texts, Volume 5:

1. TOWN, by Kate Schapira (70 pages): How we live differently in the same world, who we mean when we say we, what we mean when we say here.

2. Green-Wood, by Allison Cobb (166 pages): Wanders Brooklyn’s famous nineteenth century Green-Wood Cemetery and discovers that its 500 acres–hills and ponds, trees and graves–mirror the American landscape: a place marked by greed, war, and death, but still pulsing with life.

3. Underground National, by Sueyeun Juliette Lee (108 pages): Go underground and enter into a subterranean consideration of how History collides with human memory to generate new, unseen currents for being.

4. House Envy of All the World, by Simone White (78 pages): Family, death, power, Poetry and blackness—each is implicated in a general failure of perfection and subjected to furious lyric re-thinking.

5. The City Real & Imagined, by CAConrad & Frank Sherlock (100 pages): Visit landmarks that remain standing, revisit citizens that live on in memory, and participate in the future mappings of your city yet to be realized–the city real & imagined.

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