The greatest things ever known to man have been lost

I’ve been so happy. My housemates came down with me to spend a long weekend at my mom and stepdad’s place, I saw my sister’s brilliant show at the DC fringe, and just wrapped up a party celebrating her successes.

And yet, one thing I’ve struggled with lately is memory loss. I know there are things I’ve forgotten, and there are many things that I experience regularly that I know will disappear to me in a short period. I remember things said to me, but not by whom. I remember some events, but not who was there. Maybe on some fundamental level I recognize that, as humans, we are transients. If I have ever forgotten you, forgive me. And know I love you as dearly as my own self.

I know that I won’t remember most of the details from this trip. But I’ll remember something of my state of my mind, such as my peace and happiness. For those of you who filled it, thank you.

Writing this, I know I”ll lose it. I’ll have only this minor record.

Is this how one feels–at the very end?

And what else has been lost to us all– to mankind, in our totality?

Aren’t those the fragments we wash up against daily? Some thoughts feel like my own, and others feel thought for me.

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