Holy Crap, the most thoughtful response to my work. EVER.

Thomas Fink has published a review of Underground National on Verse Mag’s blog. This review is hands down the most thorough, thoughtful, and detailed consideration of my work to date. This is not to denigrate the amazingly insightful and thoughtful reviews my work has received before, but Mr. Fink takes it to a whole ‘nother level. For real. He leaves no fragment unturned!

If you are at all interested in anything I do, you should definitely go read it.

2 Replies to “Holy Crap, the most thoughtful response to my work. EVER.”

  1. I teach part time at Stockton with my good friend Cindy King, who perhaps invited you to read. Anyway, I republished part of the review from VERSE for students in my into workshop, and came to your site to download poems. SURE hope we find time to talk when you visit. Best, joe-anne mclaughlin

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