Video Poem for CA Conrad’s Jupiter 88


It’s a wonderful and sad thing. Since I’m moving to Pittsburgh in a month, I’ve been making sure to really enjoy my time in Philadelphia and reach out to friends, attend events, and generally be much more social than I have been in the past few years. It’s a double-edged thing, though. I can already forecast how I’ll miss my friends, these spaces. I have to remind myself that I’ll have my memories nestled up inside as keepsakes.

Last night was one of those nights I’ll hold onto for a long while. CA Conrad came up for dinner, and my friend Dorothea Lasky has been visiting. I cooked up a bunch of food, and we had such a great time. Conrad let me film him for this little video project I’m working on, and then filmed me for his video poem series, Jupiter 88. It was incredible. I’ve always wanted to travel to travel through space, and Conrad helped me do it! Not to mention how I got to enjoy Dottie’s impromptu karaoke. Haha!!

I’m also posting a picture of me with Frank Sherlock and Rod Smith from the Chapter and Verse reading series. I was the “chapter” aspect of the night, as I decided to read some of my speculative work that acts more like fiction.

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