AWP, Chicago 2012 (2)

All the books I came back with, alphabetical by author. I’m starving for work that’s not from an american context, so I cracked out on books in translation (*). My new favorite presses that I wasn’t previously familiar with: Zephyr Press and Open Letter Books. They have incredible catalogs. I also bought a bunch of books from presses friends had started that I wanted to support….


Browning, Sommer. Either Way I’m Celebrating (Birds LLC, 2011)

Dabrowski, Tadeusz. black square (Zephyr Press, 2011) *

Dennigan, Darcie. Madame X (Canarium, 2012)

Greenstreet, Kate. “but even now i am perhaps not speaking.” (imprint press)

Hocquard, Emmanuel. The Invention of Glass (Canarium, 2012) *

Ignatowa, Elena. The Diving Bell (Zephyr Press, 2006) *

Madrid, Anthony. I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say. (Canarium, 2012)

Pettit, Emily. Goat in the Snow (Birds LLC, 2012)

Wallace, Mark. The End of America, Book One (Dusie Kollektiv V)

Yu, Jian. Flash Cards (Zephyr Press, 2010) *

Yu, Tim. 15 Chinese Silences (Tinfish, 2012)

Zhai, YongMing. The Changing Room (Zephyr Press, 2011) *


Cardinale, Joseph. May I Not Seem to Have Lived (New Herring Press, 2011)

Lee, Janice. Kerotakis (Dog Horn Publishing UK, 2010)

Lind, Jakov. Ergo (Open Letter, 2010) *

Place, Vanessa. Dies: A Sentence (Les Figues, 2005)

Unferth, Deb Olin. List (New Herring Press, 2011)

Tillman, Lynne. Doing Laps without a Pool (New Herring Press, 2011)

Van der Vliet Oloomi, Azareen. Girona (New Herring Press, 2011)

Xue, Can. Vertical Motion (Open Letter, 2011) *

Yeh, James. Some Things You Just Have To (unattributed chapbook)

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