Featured Chapbook in the latest Drunken Boat

Dear Friends,

I wrote this collaborative piece imagining future economies a while back. It was presented at the &now festival in San Diego with Cara Benson, Rachel Levitsky, and Dana Teen Lomax (as a virtual presence) with a soundtrack by my friend Brian Thrash. Though the piece was originally conceived of as a performance, I felt that as a text on its own, it stood up really well and I was pleased with how it turned out. 

I asked my friend Nicholas DeBoer if he’d be okay with receiving a contributing author credit, as he gave me many of the lyric sections that went into the piece. He very kindly agreed! And now, it is up and published in the latest issue of DRUNKEN BOAT as a featured chapbook. Many thanks to guest editor Melissa Buckheit for fishing this work out of me. 

There are also a few of my “invisible” pieces, pieces that obliquely explore heartbreak and beauty in the most simplest way I know. If you have time, please take a peek. 

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